Future site of Uber drivers network where drivers can share their stories about Uber taking advantage of them

Uber is ripping off it's drivers. In many cases it is taking more than 50% of fares. Drivers are working long and hard hours, using their own cars, paying for their own gas. Uber promises to take 25% Of the fares when they offer you to drive with them. After you go through the rpocess of verifying your identity, supplying them with document, etc., and start working they take sometime more than half your earning.

The reason they are always asking for new drivers and want you to recommend frinds for a bonus is because many quit when they see how much Uber is taking. This is bullshit. Drivers deserves to make what they were promised. If Uber wants to take more money, they should say so before the drivers commit to working.

It is a scam and they keep getting bigger and taking advantage of drivers. All they want is fairness and an honest share of what they earn.

Sign up for this Mesage board so we can get more and more drivers show how Uber is taking advantage of drivers by cheating them out of a fair share. You are anonymous here. Get a free email address from gmail or some other place. No names or anything else is needed to participate in xposing Uber who is getting richer by the ride.

Many tips are not being given to drivers as well. Drivers should be able to rate customers AFTER the tip if one is given, not before.

So join the message board HERE anonymously and get Uber to give their drives more of the money they work hard for.